Our Firm

Government officials face enormous demands on their time and their talent. State mandates, budget pressures, and other special reporting requirements. As these issues become more complex and the demands more pressing, you need a partner you can rely on — a trusted resource to provide audit and compliance services of unquestioned reliability, and responsive service every time you need it.

We are dedicated to serving municipalities, state agencies and other government entities. For us, the year-end audit provides an important foundation for an ongoing relationship that continues throughout the year. This means when you face a key accounting decision triggered by new reporting requirements, you can call us. It also means we’ll call you, alerting you to new auditing rules and to changes you should begin to make even before year-end. We’re there to provide the expertise you demand, whenever the need arises.

We also offer extensive experience in mortgage industry public accounting. Regulatory audits are but one of our specialties. We offer real world experience to provide solutions for all of our clients.   

Above all, you’ll receive the individualized attention and when you call with a question, you’ll speak with the one individual who really knows your organization. Our goal is to provide you with the expertise and accessibility you need to stay a step ahead.

Who We Are